“All of which is a projection of my yearning for the utopia of a rural, highly-literate, bawdy-but-polite citizenry skilled at misbehaving with brilliance yet able to band together as noble statesmen/women when dire times call.”


Experimenting today with a talk-to-text app for some short story writing. Between its miscomprehension and my non-linear tendencies, looks like we’re gonna cook up some strange mumbo gumbo:

Have you ever thought he was in season Outerbelt
Even though the both of the been there for sometime we live quite close hello we had spoken and yes even around town when Setoda and I wonder maybe once a month once every couple weeks how was that too people can’t run across each other the town of 15,000 that can affect many lives disinclined imagery is falling off in another direction even ifthe content Watermount still space to be apart to what he reads the paper anymore so it took me a while to fish out the obituary online I heard that Shorenji called me and other was no story is just the type of text do not suck incensed I saw the notice on line I spent hours hunting down for a failed. The newspaper bimetallic funny betrays little Buxmont is a strong shop on my fingertips wondered what happened with her I’d never saw her on the bars killed someone I say this because Justin Jay’s dead but also because I want to head north have my hands around her neck around all the next sometimes I think that I’m going to kill them either the watchmen pleasure. Is this world is my fingers smashed into the lymph nodes I felt Pusha blood veins just enjoy the founder of a misnomer turnabout

A fascinating read from Vanity Fair on the world’s most expensive residential building: A Tale of Two Londons .

It’s disturbing to think of such vast sums of money spent for something not even used as a primary home. On the other hand, it seems so small-minded and kind of sad. Who is the person that cannot be happy somewhere other than One Hide Park?

This is also a way to start thinking about Manhattan. It’s well on it’s way to being a playground of the global elite.

Very important news

I had a Norman in Kenya? And he never called?


Except, you know, not really.

You have to type 100 words before the kitten appears. Apparently the youngsters all know about this. writtenkitten.net.

Leif Parsons via New York Times

Aside from the fact that they’re really not (even in the most partisan states, there’s still usually at least one out of every three people voting for the minor party), this piece from the New York Times is an interesting hypothesis. Also, just about the cutest durned Minnesota graphic I ever done seen.

Maybe not, but it’s certainly pushing to quicker and blander consensus, according to Dana Milbank’s Washington Post column yesterday. That’s not a phenomenon unique to journalism: here are some quick thoughts on how social media encourages groupthink. The onus on journalists, of course, is that as they must serve as a check against establishments. And if journalists are all going to turn into analysts, it’d at least be nice to see some original thoughts.

ImageBits and wisdom from the final presidential debate of 2012. The third, obviously, is the winner:


Like, for example,
would you put in no-fly zones
over Syria?
So you’re saying we’ve already made
that declaration?
I’m excited about
our prospects as a nation.
I want to see peace.

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