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“All of which is a projection of my yearning for the utopia of a rural, highly-literate, bawdy-but-polite citizenry skilled at misbehaving with brilliance yet able to band together as noble statesmen/women when dire times call.”

‘Has it been so long that I don’t exist? Anthropolicide.’

‘My ego is a fucking Stalin, and a romantic one at that.’

“I’ve jumped on packing like a missionary on a sex grenade.”

“Maybe I enjoy 1,000 machete papercuts. And yes, we’ve got to be approaching 1,000.”

What ever happened to Yellowcard? They weren’t that bad . . .

“The only failure I will accept is death.”

“It probably helped that I looked like a longshoreman, with my wool hat, broken sunglasses and dark coat.”

“- the buckle just came off. In retrospect, I might have been able to repair this, but I had already thrown it in a trash bin in front of the police station at 7:15 this morning,”

“Why can’t I talk shirtsleeves? No, it’s all good.”


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